MRI: No measure of CVI

Like it or not, CVI cannot be diagnosed with a medical test.  I sure wish it could be!

The MRI can be completely normal and the child can still have CVI.

The MRI can show huge brain structure changes and the child does not have CVI.

The MRI only sees changes in structure NOT visual functioning. It cannot diagnose CVI.

CVI cannot be diagnosed medically with any available medical test.

Another condition that cannot be diagnosed medically is autism. Both CVI and autism are diagnosed by looking at behaviors.

Good doctors see these behaviors, ask parents about these behaviors and diagnose CVI or autism.

It is great to get a diagnosis from the doctor for CVI but for assessment of visual skills, the Christine Roman CVI Range must be used. It assesses visual skills areas that are used for creating environments and strategies to help vision improve. It can then be used to chart that progress.


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