Light: Friend and Enemy

Lightgazing can be such a strong feature for children in the early phases for CVI.

With the skills of children with a greater impact of CVI, we struggle to gain a child’s visual attention to a more meaningful visual targets. We need to control all light sources from overhead and from surrounding doors and windows. We also recognize that placing meaningful visual targets against Lightboxes, iPads and other backlighted surfaces can support that more meaningful gaze to objects. We understand that lighting objects and lighted objects will more easily gain attention, the first skill for visual learning.

As visual attention improves, children can break their attention to light to look at meaningful materials and light remains a valuable tool to gain attention and increase the length of looking. We still need to control overhead and outdoor light sources for the best visual attention.

As visual recognition improves,backlighting helps some children’s understanding of 2D materials: letters, numbers and pictures and reduced their visual fatigue.

All children’s reactions to light are part of any assessment of their CVI.

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