Preschool Valentines Book for Children with CVI


Here is the wonderful literacy material created at Concord Area Special Education Collaborative (CASE) by Tess, Speech and Langauge Therapist and Sue, Preschool classroom teacher for the February theme of Hearts.  It presents a clear, red heart as a single image on the page then uses the same salient feature with a variety of textures for each page.

The bumpy heart using bubble wrap


The lacey heary using lacey paper


The googly heart using googy eyes


The rough heart using sandpaper


The bead heart using party beads


The pom-pom heart using pom poms of various sizes.


Each page is presented with predictable text and funny voice for each type of heart.

Heart lacy text

Staff that understand CVI well create fantastic materials based on their firm understanding of the characteristics of CVI and their child’s needs determined after assessment. They then created individual books adapted for each child to share with family.

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