Applying Concepts: Color Highlighting the Joystick






I received a fantastic idea from a former graduate student, Amanda, from my UMASS CVI class. She assessed her 19 year old student using the Christine Roman Lantzy CVI Range and determined that this student responded best to red and that red highlighting helped her student visually locate and reach.

Amanda noticed this student couldn’t access the iPad to play her favorite videos. The team had been working on this goal for over a year without success. This child was frustrated that she couldn’t advance through her videos or manipulate the advance icons on her iPad through touch or swiping.

Here is Amanda’s narrative:

“I bought a pair of Mini-Fling suction cup-mounted push button joysticks on Amazon. The joysticks themselves are low complexity black/gray and mount to the glass on the iPad.  You position the conductive bottom over the icon you wish to touch. I highlighted the buttons using shiny red mylar tape. The results are amazing! Right away my student attended to the buttons and now pushes them on her own to activate her iPad videos”.

In little time, the student was able to activate the iPad independently.

I thought this was a fantastic CVI adaptation so “stole” the idea for several of my students. I hope you find it helpful as well!

Share your great ideas everyone!

The other very important take away message is that all students regardless of age benefit from a CVI assessment and CVI interventions.

In the pictures above, I added the color highlighting to the joystick above the advance arrow on the Big Green Monster book app.  My student was able to immediately access this highlighted button to read the book independently!

Thanks Amanda!


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