No Diagnosis of CVI?

I am not a doctor and would never assume to be qualified to give a diagnosis of CVI for any child in my care. I do observe children’s visual behavior and suspect cortical visual impairment.  I try to steer the families to ophthalmologists that understand CVI and make sure I provide the doctor with detailed observations and assessment results I obtained using the CVI Range (Christine Roman-Lantzy 2007).  I do this in the hopes that the diagnosis of CVI will be made. But I can not wait for a diagnosis. I must conduct this assessment of visual factors that greatly influence child’s ability to learn. It is my job as a teacher to students with visual impairments to provide detailed functional vision assessments. The CVI Range is that detailed functional visual assessment.

In my functional vision report, here is the language that I use:

“Given the assessed ocular health of XXX’s eyes, the positive history of brain involvement, complex visual developmental history and reduced functional vision for learning and accessing the environment, XXX was educationally assessed using Christine Roman-Lantzy’s CVI Range (Christine Roman-Lantzy 2007).  Functional vision observations focused on the these recognized characteristics of brain based visual impairment: color preference, reaction to environmental movement, attention to light, reduced visual reflexes to touch and threat, reduced distance attention, increased latency for looking or understanding what is seen, difficulties with sensory complexity, reduced visual motor skills, non-purposeful gaze, difficulties with visual novelty, and visual field preference. (Cortical Visual Impairment: An Approach to Assessment and Intervention by Christine Roman-Lantzy 2007) This is not meant to serve as a diagnosis, only as educational observations that will lead to increased access to visual learning and to the creation of strategies and environmental supports to build vision use”.



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