visual motor

Where to reach to open the container?

We have a new occupational therapy student working in our program.  It didn’t take long for him to see the successes in visual motor function when CVI strategies were used to reduce complexity with black tape and to highlight the opening snaps with red tape.  This child in the occupational therapy session worked so hard to open the container to get out a favorite lighted toy. Now we can move that skill to the lunch table for true function: opening his sandwich container. As understanding of this visual task improves, the highlighting can be made smaller and smaller.  We need to remember to generalize this skill to other containers now that it has become familiar.



Another Solution for Accurate Visual Motor



This picture shows a solution for a student who was struggling to place objects by shape into a container for recycling.  Just adding red color highlighting to the edges of openings allows the child to more accurately visually locate the hole and accurately sort each recycled object.

What is important to remember is that this is the needed support until the child has success.  Once the child is completing the task, we want to remove the supports gradually by cutting back the red tape to a thinner and thinner border with each increasing success.

Put supports in place after assessment and remove them carefully as you measure achievement.