parent insights about CVI

Interesting Webinar

I found this lecture so interesting!  It is one hour long but worth the time.

Looking Inside the Adaptive Brain of the Blind

Dr. Merabet speaks at the National Institutes of Health in Washington DC about the team’s work on plasticity, ocular blindness, and CVI. As usual I have more questions!


Dr. Gordon Dutton Interviews Fiona Lovett

This is a wonderful auditory interview between Dr. Gordon Dutton and Fiona Lovett, the mother of Harry, a child with CVI.  Dr. Dutton shares insights about the effected brain and puts some of Fiona’s comments in a medical context.  The most powerful part of this wonderful interview is the solid understanding this mother has of her child with CVI and the innate adaptations and strategies she’s put into use to help her son see, understand and function in this world.  It’s about 30 minutes long.  Wonderful Scottish accents make it a delight (for me as an American)! Enjoy!

In my graduate class, I ask my students to listen to this interview and place the mom’s comments about her son into the Christine Roman-Lantzey’s 10 characteristics.  They also record the adaptations mom has put in place.  There are great ideas.

Missing in the discussion is the expectation for improvement for Harry.  This expectation for improvement is central to Dr. Roman-Lantzey’s work.  It is why assessment is so important so we can meet the child at current functioning, chart improvements and adjust interventions and strategies that are no longer needed.