Resources about CVI

An essential text for learning about CVI  is Cortical Visual Impairment: An Approach to Assessment and Intervention by Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy 2018.  Dr. Roman created the assessment tool for CVI useful for the identification of current visual skills.  She stresses that improvements are expected for children but not without parent involvement, careful assessment around the 10 characteristics, and the careful creation of strategies built from assessment results.

Another texts come from Dr. Gordon Dutton. These include:

Vision and the Brain: Understanding Cerebral Visual Impairment in Children
by Amanda Hall Lueck and Gordon N. Dutton

Cerebral Visual Impairment in Children: Visuoperceptive and Visuocognitive Disorders by Josef Zihl (2014-11-30) by Josef Zihl;Gordon Dutton

Visual Impairment in Children due to Damage to the Brain by Gordon Dutton and Martin Bax

Wonderful websites for information include:

CVI Scotland
Wonderful information for assessment, identification and interventions.

Els Ortibus website: TEACH CVI
Wonderful screening tools and information for assessment.


  1. Have you been able to read the Vision and the Brain from AFB press? Its newly released and I am wondering whether or not to purchase….


  2. It is fairly expensive so I hope to borrow it from the library. It is reviewed in the Journal of Visual Impairments and Blindness this month so you might want to check that out before buying.


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