Perkins Launches CVI NOW!

In November 2018 and July 2019, Perkins School for the Blind convened a Cortical/Cerebral (CVI) COLAB and CVI Symposium, to tackle the “wicked” problem of CVI. A COLAB as defined as “a gathering of stakeholders who together share, learn, and create a deep understanding of a complex problem” (Demosophia LLC). International and national stakeholders included parents, vision professionals, vision researchers, ophthalmologists, neuro-ophthalmologist, optometrists, university personnel, agency personnel and CVI advocates came together to discuss the triggering question. “What do you believe are the challenges that impede progress regarding CVI?”.

From these CVI meetings, Perkins developed a more expanded and more inclusive understanding of CVI and became committed to sharing that knowledge with the wider community. Perkins is committed to sharing what we know today and to keep an eye on the latest research and promising practices for serving learners and families impacted by CVI.

In that effort, Perkins today launched the CVI NOW website and, for parents, the CVI Now Facebook page. Check it out and if you are a parent, join the Facebook page that’s just for families.

Go visit and take a look!

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