Month: June 2018

Backlighting AAC for Students with CVI

Light is important for students with CVI but not in the way we provide provide light to students with ocular impairments.

For students with ocular impairment, we provide task lighting on the object.

For students with CVI it is the backlighting method that must be considered.

Backlighting helps students with CVI locate and maintain visual attention to their devices. You can see in the first system below on a non-backlighted device, the details are muted and discrimination requires extra time.


In this second system shown below, the pictures are the same but the system is changed to a backlighted surface of the iPad. Overall backlighting helps students find and use the icons/photographs. The targets are more distinct and separated from each other, optimal for visual access.


Kaleidoscope CVI Podcast #2: Rachel Bennett

Tune into the second podcast of Kaleidoscope for another parent story of their family’s CVI journey. Listen as Rachel Bennett describes her son Henry’s visual progress in CVI and her family’s deeper understanding of Henry’s behaviors and his “view” of the world.

Respectful Place to Celebrate

Perkins had it’s Prom last night. The large room was beautifully decorated. Equally beautifully decorated was the Prom Alternative Space. This room was created for the many students with have with CVI. Some students stayed the entire Prom in this adapted space that matched their visual and sensory needs. Other students travel back and forth between the unadapted and adapted Prom as their need for a break is recognized by staff or when they recognize their own need for a break. This allowed students to dress up and socialize in an environment that was comfortable, festive and fun. Isn’t that what Prom is supposed to be?