Matching the Visual Needs Around Literacy

A student with CVI requires specific functional vision assessment for these unique brain based visual behaviors. Assessment provides the context for accessibility for any type of literacy and learning. The ocular functional assessment will not give you the information that you need to exactly match the media to the student’s accessibility requirements.

For the student with limited visual attention, real 3D objects in literacy storyboxes provide the appropriate visual access. These students have limited, if any, central vision use and have limited sustained visual skills. 2D materials are inaccessible.

For these students, I create book around familiar and favored 3D materials. (Parents always have the best ideas as to what these favorite things are). Discussion of the visual attributes should start here as well. One book for a student was about the crazy sounds of her wrapper snapper. This was the contents of that storybox with expanded access to other wrapper snapper in other colors.


For a student with building visual attention and building visual recognition, I can begin to think about moving to pictures but must move carefully in consideration of the visual “leap” that moving to pictures presents to many students. I find that embedding part of the 3D object onto a 5” X 7” card provides the student with a 3D element but also provides many elements that begin to look like photographs. Again salient feature language should be offered.

Here is a sequence I used with a student (The parent reported wrapper snappers as the favorite, and more importantly, the optimal recognized item.)

Real 3D item in a storybox, embedded 3D item on a 5″ X 7″ card and finally a photograph of that exact embedded item now flat in 2D.

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