Ultra Thin Lightbox

I need backlighting for my students with CVI so much of the time. I was frustrated by the cumbersome American Printing House lightbox for certain adaptations to the curriculum.  I just ordered one of these very thin light boxes for my students from Amazon. This one is just great. The “plug in” one is $39.99 but you are tied to a computer USB port or plugged in the wall. The rechargeable version is $79.99 and has the benefit of portability. It is extremely lightweight. I so appreciate light weight as I travel to multiple schools! Image the ability to take this everywhere in the community to support visual skills!






  1. Can’t beat it! Less than 1/2 pound, comes with a carrying case. The OT, SLP and the classroom teacher are all trying to steal it! Can’t wait to share with my parents too. I always struggle to get the lightbox for those kids not “legally blind” by an ocular measure but who are affected by CVI. Goodbye APH Lightbox!


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