Visual Motor: Where to Access the Bow Ends?

From my last blog entry, I mentioned that I highlighted the ends of a bow to help a student have visual access to where to grab to untie the bow.

I got a comment to that blog that I think would be great illustration of a misconception. Much thanks for the comment that allows me to clarify!

Here is the comment:
“Great idea to put a string on a book to be opened each time! Why not use a shoe string with plastic ends? You can get them in the buck store –like 6 pairs for $1.”

So why didn’t I use colored shoe strings for this? First of all, what is my goal? My goal is for the child to have a visual anchor to the bow ends, not the bow itself.  If I used shoe strings that are colored, the child still will not know where to grab. With the whole bow highlighted, reaching to the whole bow completely defeats the purpose: grabbing the end. I always think about what exactly I want the child to do. Where exactly to I want to draw visual attention? Where exactly do I want the child to reach to for function? I keep these questions in my mind every time I think about visual supports for students with visual impairments.

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