Highlighting for Fine Motor/Independence Skills

The occupational therapist in our program wanted one of our students to untie a bow on a calendar book. This would require the child with CVI to visually locate a small bow end to pull. When the occupational therapist tried to encourage this independence task, the child clearly was struggling to access the bow end to untie. He couldn’t see where he was supposed to reach to grab. Looking at the task, I felt the complexity of the object (Roman Lantzy: Complexity characteristic) was too great for access. Matched to his assessment results using the CVI Range (Roman Lantzy 2007), I used a favorite color green with shiny attributes (movement) to highlight the “where to grab” area.


Professionals working without collaboration with others on the team can look at a skill from their own lens and see skills in their own context alone. This OT might have decided this was a motor planning or fine motor difficulty. In this case of collaboration between team members, professionals working collaboratively can look at a skill and eliminate lack of visual access as a factor.


One comment

  1. Great idea to put a string on a book to be opened each time! Why not use a shoe string with plastic ends? You can get them in the buck store –like 6 pairs for $1.


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