Day: May 10, 2016

Learning about the Brain

In college, learning to become a teacher of students with visual impairments, I learned all about the parts of the eye and how each part functions. I learned about various types of eye damage and what kinds of visual impairment that damage might cause. This helped explain the student’s functional vision to create the optimal environment for learning.
For CVI we need to do the same for the brain: understand the parts of the brain and to understand how each part of the brain functions (as currently understood by vision neuroscientist). Hopefully in the future, we can understand how that damage causes certain kinds of visual impairment.
For now, we assess child’s visual functioning by using assessment based on visual behaviors that we know are common for CVI. In the parent interview, other unique manifestations of CVI might be identified and need assessment. This helps me explain the student’s functional vision so the team and parents can create the optimal environment for learning and to measure visual improvements that are expected.