Supporting Reaching for Children with CVI

If a child is not reaching: we want to support reaching by:

  • Always having something within arm’s to touch and look at that are shiny, of their favorite color and slightly moving.
  • Use long things that can be attached up in the best visual field and attached to the wrist. Movements will make visual events. Bells or other sounds attached to the other end will make it even more interesting!
  • Help the child understand that their movements can make changes: balloon tied to the wrist at the best visual distance, something tied to the foot at the best visual distance, red socks on feet and red hair elastics on wrists so their own movements create a moving visual event. This also helps children understand hands and feet are part of their bodies.
  • Teaching the child to reach by stroking from at his elbow to the hand, reaching together in a hand under hand exploration technique. As they get the idea, give less support.
  • Never grab the child’s hand. Use hand under hand to guide them to touch things.

For a further explanation of the hand under hand and the hand over hand techniques see American Foundation for the Blind:



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