Great Video: Perkins School for the Blind Teachable Moments


Marguerite Bilm created a CVI friendly literacy material around the Itsy Bitsy Spider song.

To create a book such as this for a child with CVI, Marguerite or the TVI working in the classroom would need to assess the student using the CVI Range (Christine Roman-Lantzy).  The book would need to match the assessed characteristics.

To use a material such as this, the child would need to

  • Have some visual location abilities
  • Have some sustained gaze
  • Tolerate two items in an array of complexity
  • Be able to visually locate red and white items
  • Have the material presented visually prior to the auditory presentation
  • Have the material presented visually before the tactile page was touched
  • Have the book presented propped up in the best visual field. This propping up would also reduce glare from overhead that reflects off the page. (I have good luck rubbing laminated pages with a fine sandpaper. It takes the glare completely away!)
  • Have the book presented for as long as the child needs to look and to understand what they are looking at.
  • Have the book to be presented at the optimal distance
  • Have the book to be used routinely to build familiarity
  • Have the book be presented against this nice black background

Marguerite used light to draw visual attention. This tells me light is still important for her child, She also moved the light which tells me movement can still help draw this child’s visual attention.

There are some great characteristic considerations for this student!



  1. Hello! Your website has so much information for parents and teachers of kids with CVI. I’m writing an article about common misconceptions about CVI and was wondering if you had anything to share that you come across regularly with parents, teachers or others. I’ll check back for comments! Thank you =)


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