Common Terms for CVI

In preparing my materials for the upcoming onsite workshop March 7th at Perkins School for the Blind, I am once again reminded of the great debt owed to Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy in the field of cortical visual impairment. There was literally not one slide I prepared that did not contain information she gathered and researched or terminology she created and shared widely. These concepts have become common terms we use in our everyday descriptions of our children with CVI, and our CVI assessments, observations and strategies.

Here’s just a few:

  • CVI Range
  • CVI Characteristics
  • 10 terms as related to CVI: Color, Movement, Latency, Visual Field, Complexity, Lightgazing/Non-Purposeful Gaze, Visual Novelty, Visual Reflexes, Visual Motor, Distance
  • Phase I
  • Phase II
  • Phase III
  • Salient features
  • Color highlighting
  • Comparative thought
  • Scoring: Resolved
  • Scoring: +
  • Scoring: +/-
  • Scoring: –

A huge thank you, Dr. Roman Lantzy! What would we do without this common vocabulary to describe our children?


Although this onsite workshop is currently full, it will be recorded and made available by Perkins School for the Blind at some later date online.

Examining Some Perspectives on CVI: Conversations with Experts

Presented by Barry S. Kran, Darick W. Wright, Luisa Mayer, Christine Roman-Lantzy, Tracy Luiselli, Lotfi Merabet, Corinna Bauer, and Ellen Mazel


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