Day: June 9, 2015

Direct Assessment Tool for CVI

I love to find a CVI direct assessment tool that helps me assess children’s skills! This avoids having to carry so many things!

The iPad app is called Flashlight-Tiny Flashlight by Discussion Works Version 2.4.

I believe I got it for free or for very low cost.

There are 5 tools

  • Large, white on-screen target that turns on and off
  • Alternating yellow lights that blink one at a time on the left and right of the screen
  • Flashing screen of multiple changing colors (might be too much for some children)
  • White light bulb image
  • Full screen colors: you swipe horizontally to change the color (red, orange-yellow, light green, medium green, light blue, blue, violet, light purple, hot pink) and vertically to change the color’s brightness. This is my favorite tool in the app.

The full screen color tool allows you to check reactions to non-complex targets, check color preferences, check reaction to colors in different visual fields, and check latency time.

Using this app, you can assess light sensitivity, color avoidance, and for the children who require backlighting, it provides a lighted target to optimize looking and provide a target with motion.  The iPad can be presented at various distances to get the measure of best target distance. The child might even reach for this interesting object and you will see the quality of their visual motor skills.

Love it!