Trained Teacher Doing the Range

I can’t tell you how many times I hear about TVIs doing the Range and doing it completely wrong. I recently got a report stating the assessed child was in Phase IV. Too bad there are only 3 Phases! I also see adaptations that do not match assessment results.

If a TVI does the CVI Range (Christine Roman-Lantzy CVI Range 2007) on the child, there are three components:

  • Interview with the parent then interview with the school team
  • Observation around the CVI characteristics
  • Direct assessment around the CVI characteristics.

All three results are recorded on the CVI Range form.

If the CVI Range does not include these three components, the Range assessment is incomplete.

Ask for a copy of the CVI Range assessment. Ask about the TVI’s training history. How did he or she learn to do the CVI Range and what trainings were attended?


One comment

  1. I have two students who display varying needs for movement in order to engage visually on a target. Both students seem to need to be moving themselves ( not target moving). One student is non ambulatory, the other is mobile. Any strategies you can suggest?


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