Get a Knowledgeable TVI!

When I write a report for a child regarding functional vision or for transition to a new program, I always start by recommending the services of a teacher of students with visual impairments but with cautions:

“A certified teacher of students with visual impairments (CTVI) must be an integral member of Susan’s educational team providing continued visual assessment around the brain based visual issues that impact Susan. All accommodations, modifications and educational programming should address those brain based visual issues to build access for visual attention and visual recognition. It is essential that this TVI understand cortical/cerebral visual impairment (CVI), the assessment protocols for CVI and how to create environments and strategies to build visual skills. This assessment should focus on determining Susan’s optimal visual learning environment around near learning and increasing visual access to distance information, visual complexity, auditory complexity, understanding of 2 dimensional materials (photographs, pictures and 2D symbols), visual motor abilities, using compensatory skills and using all visual fields. This service should include consultation with specialists and parents and providing in-service training as needed regarding assessment results.

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