Active Learning Slantboards Based on Child Preferences

ball slant                          ribbon slant

Two children in our preschool have distinct object preferences and recognition abilities, one for ribbons/strings and one for balls. To provide an active learning experience at near, we created slantboards with some pegboard materials placed in their preferred visual field. We started with one item then increased the array. With building skills, we could more to the child’s other weaker visual field. In the beginning, their own movements created movement in the materials. Now reaching and batting is happening intentionally! It goes to show that using favorites is the way to go!




  1. Just wondering if you find that the pegboard holes make the visual background too complex. i do early intervention for a NFP with sensory impaired kids. At least one of my kiddos shows a much lower focus time when i use pegboard instead of black plasticore slant board. I have resorted to attaching velcro and painted black carabiners to display objects on the palsticore slant board to keep him visually engaged. He is 3 and came to me late, about 2.5 yo so maybe his vision is less “trained”?


    1. I think from the nature of the slant of the board and the plain mat behind it, kids have not problems with this. If they did have problems, I would velcro a black board behind it as you mentioned. I do have kids that are VERY attentive to patterns and this would come up in your CVI assessment. I would avoid using these patterned pegboards with this type of behavior.


  2. I am currently doing research on teachingethods and strategies which help, can impede learning, and increase literacy skills in students with CVI. I was curious if anyone would be interested in doing an online imterview with me to help students and teachers nationwide
    Please let me know via email if interested


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