Likes Lists

I think of myself sitting in a lecture about mutual funds and financial planning. I could sit there but I do not find this topic of any interest. I will struggle to visually and auditorally attend because I am not excited about this new information. Over time, I will learn this if I gave it great effort but the motivation is so limited.

Place me in a lecture hall about childhood brain development and I am captivated! I will learn it quickly, give the information great attention, use it in my work and remember it long after the lecture is over.

Given that we all learn about things that matter to us, it is of the greatest importance to use materials, activities and games that children like best when teaching concepts in all areas. This is especially true for children with CVI due to the characteristic of Novelty. If we know that children like certain toys, games or materials, we know these are visually, auditorally and tactilely familiar. Children will have the greatest overall abilities and motivation using these favorite things.

Who knows about children’s favorite things? Parents! Here is a “Likes List” that I developed to gather this valuable information from the people who know children best:

I wonder if I could ask you very busy parents to do a bit of work?  We all feel that the optimal way to begin our relationship with children is to meet them with their favorite things and activities.  Children learn best when they are engaged in activities of interest to them (I think we all do!) 

Could I ask you to create a “likes” list for me?

  • What are your child’s favorite:
  • Games/fingerplays
  • Songs
  • Cartoon characters
  • Clothes
  • People and favorite activities with those people
  • Food
  • Books
  • IPAD apps
  • Toys
  • Rough housing games
  • TV shows
  • Colors

Thank you. I can’t tell you how much this will help!

 Ellen Mazel

Teacher for Students with Visual Impairments






  1. Hello,
    My daughter is 3 years old and has CVI. Here is her “likes list”:

    -She is not able to play many games, but she does have an Elmo puppet that she enjoys.
    -She loves almost any kind of music and songs, but especially likes ones with movements she can do. She also really enjoys it when I put her name in songs or sing about things we are doing.
    -She loves all of the characters from Sesame Street. It’s the only show she will actively pay attention to.
    -She likes clothes that are soft and not constricting. She also enjoys sparkles on them. She can’t stand shoes.
    -She loves her sister and her dad. She also loves visiting extended family. She loves to sit with people, listen to songs, or play simple games. She enjoys just interacting with her favorite people.
    -Her favorite foods are fruits
    -She loves books, especially board books with tactile pages or buttons she can push (especially if they play music)
    -She really likes the tap tap baby iPad app. She also enjoys her sister’s Frozen drawing app that makes sounds as she draws.
    -Her favorite toys light up or play music. She loves her sister’s keyboard.
    -She likes having her dad pick her up on his legs and throw her up in the air. She also really likes to be upside down for some reason.
    – I’m not sure if she really has a favorite color yet, but the first colors she responded well to were red and pink.
    Hope this helps!


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