Day: December 12, 2014

Expect Improvement!



The expectation of improvement is the hallmark of CVI. The assessment-driven programming helps identify the child’s visual functioning. The assessment drives appropriate goals and objectives using strategies around the visual behaviors of CVI. The frequent and ongoing reassessment charts the progress and reduction of CVI environmental supports.

I have had many students over the years and each and every one has made improvements at various rates. This improvement is based heavily on where the brain was damaged or impacted what other  brain areas were impacted (language, memory etc.), how that unique brain recovers and how accessible the visual environment is for the child to build visual experiences. Several children have progressed in dramatic ways, moving from functioning as a child with severely limited vision to a child that uses vision to access the world. Improvement doesn’t happen without full understanding of CVI and how CVI impacts these individual children. Inservices yearly for every new staff member is essential for this shared understanding. “Additional Information” on the IEP is the perfect place to note this.  Collaboration of family and teams to provide 24/7 visual supports provide the possibility for the growth of vision skills. When progress is made, it is this coordinated, planned use of appropriate supports that build children’s vision.