Month: November 2014

What’s that Box?



People have asked what is that box on the side of the walker. After this student with deafness and very low vision due to CVI gets into his walker, he travels to the cafeteria to buy yogurt. He places the dollar for yogurt into the black box. The tab to lift the box is highlighted in red shiny duct tape so he knows where to grab to lift and open. He travels the hallways and turns at the large, shiny red triangles that mark each turn. The cafeteria has distinct bank of lights so he understands when he has arrived. He greets and then thanks the cafeteria worker using a red switch. He then can travel back to class.

Moving to Chairs Safely


Watch your children with CVI move to get into a chair. So often I see this done tactilely. They turn and backup slowly until they feel the chair seat against the back of their legs. I have had great luck working with the PT to help children understand where the chair is in space and how to move their body into the seated position. Here is one example. Just by placing red tape on the arms of the chair, we can teach the child to hold the red highlighted area to stabilize their body and to turn to sit. As they improve their skills, we will able to reduce the size of the color highlighting and finally remove it. We have also talked about highlighting just one armrest for the child to cross midline, hold, turn and sit.