Day: September 7, 2014

CVI Assessment Kit

I’m off to see a new child this weekend and want to bring materials for assessment.  Top on the list is the parent interview.  Parents have all the answers if you ask the right questions!  Here’s a general list of items for a kit.  I will need to adapt this to the child I meet:

  • Child’s favorite toy (ask ahead)
  • Materials similar to the favorite toy in salient feature
  • Visually simple toy that can be activated to create noise.
  • One yard of fabric of favorite color and other colors
  • One yard of shiny fabrics of each color
  • Flashlight
  • Plain black backgrounds: invisaboard, All-in-One boards, black placements or black fabric
  • Slightly complex backgrounds
  • Very complex backgrounds
  • Childs favorite small finger foods (Cheerios, M&Ms, veggie sticks, cookies, fruit)
  • Child’s favorite cup or spoon
  • Plastic slinkys of different colors
  • Set of pom poms of 6 different colors
  • Set of balls of 6 different colors (can roll to see distance sustained attention)
  • Black and white toys
  • Bubbles for blowing
  • Measuring tape
  • Large mirror
  • Suspended moving toy: windsock, spinner, pin wheel
  • Small Lightbox, Lightbox app on the IPAD
  • Clear or colored translucent items for the Lightbox
  • Sets of red or yellow objects to be sorted into containers of red or yellow.
  • CVI Complexity Cards (laminated so you can use food on top)
  • Lights with colored caps or colored fingerpuppets.