Evaluate Pictures for Clarity and Perspective

bad contrast hat

When the child with CVI is ready for images, we need to make sure the picture is clear and represents as close to a real perspective as possible.  The above picture of a construction hat is clear but the background provides no contrast and is distracting.  The glare from the overhead light is a problem and the perspective is confusing.  Our brains with perfect vision can understand this is a hat.  Children with CVI do not have the benefit of the visual memory that supports this understanding.

good cvi picture hat

This picture is so much clearer with much better information for the child with CVI.  Supported by seeing this exact same hat in a story box, the child with CVI can build a visual memory and build 2D understanding of this image.

No high tech equipment was needed for this picture.  I covered a tissue box placed up on its end with my black sweater.  I placed a black background behind it.  I used my iPhone to take the photograph.

The shift from 3D real items to 2D images needs to be carefully support by pairing with the exact same real object and presenting clear photographs.



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