Story About Regaining Sight

I think you might find this article very interesting:

This man was visually impaired for 43 years.  He has a typical brain but his brain was denied visual input for many years.  Look at the visual issues he still struggles with after his sight is restored.

  • trouble recognizing things
  • trouble recognizing faces
  • problems with depth and he needs to still use a cane to travel safely
  • visual overload
  • finds color the easiest to visually process

He is displaying many of the characteristics of children with Cortical Visual Impairment in Phase III.  It is important to remember that this man had the benefit of typical vision before the chemical accident that blinded him. Even with the benefit of visual memories (that most children with CVI never have), he remains visually impaired.  His eyes are now fine, but his brain is struggling to understand the visual world.   I would love to hear a followup story and find out what skills have resolved.

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