Understand and Use the CVI Range!

I run into many parents, classroom teachers or teacher of students with visual impairments who ask me for ideas about strategies for their children with CVI. The very first question is “Has the Christine Roman CVI Range Assessment been completed?” Again and again the answer is “no”. Random strategies are being used with children with no assessment, no planning and no focus.

This CVI Range Assessment is the only current assessment for the visual skills in children with CVI.

I continue to find it amazing and very disappointing that teachers of students with visual impairments are serving children without completing this assessment. Would a TVI serve a child with visual impairment without a functional vision assessment? Never! How can you possibly make suggestions for strategies when you don’t understand the child’s visual skills. How could you ever chart improvements? How could you ever create appropriate interventions? How can you waste this child’s precious time to build visual skills?

Worse perhaps are the assessments completed without true understanding of CVI or of how to use the CVI Range.  This only serves to give false information to the team and false information about the child’s visual skills.

If you are a TVI and you don’t understand how to do the CVI Range, find out! I am teaching an online class at UMASS Boston this fall 2014 about CVI and using the CVI Range. At the very least purchase the book : Cortical Visual Impairment: An Approach to Assessment and Intervention by Christine Roman-Lantzy.
If you are a parent or classroom teacher, ask the TVI if they have training to complete the CVI Range. Ask to see the assessment. Read the Roman book. Its very team and parent friendly.
Here the article about the reliability of the CVI Range: The Reliability of the CVI Range: A Functional Vision Assessment for Children with Cortical Visual Impairment, by Sandra Newcomb, Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness, October 2010, © 2010 AFB.

Dr. Gordon Dutton has a parent interview that looks at some CVI skills.  While this is helpful, it is not an assessment. http://biomed.science.ulster.ac.uk/vision/sites/vision/IMG/pdf/visual_skills_inventory_younger_child_4-8yrs.pdf


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