Day: April 16, 2014

Active Learning in the Car

Active learning all the time!

Children who have typical vision have their brains stimulated by the visual scenes of trees, buildings, people and events they watch outside the window while riding in the car. They compare these scenes with what they already know, building valuable brain connections.

What does your child see, touch and compare while in the car?

Capitalize on this time by providing materials to look at, touch, activate and explore.

  • You could use the sensory vest we discussed earlier this month.
  • You could create a lap exploration blanket by sewing on drapery circles. Toys and materials can be tied on the lap blanket with elastic cord. Elastic allows the child to bring materials into their best field, drop them and find them easily.
  • Create a visual play mat on the back of the seat in front of the child. Attaching elastic on a hair scrunch to the wrist then to the toy.  These allows the child to experiment with speed of movement of their own movements connected to speed of sound with a visual consequence.
  • Create an exploration belt with elastic cord attached to toys.

This is precious learning time!