Day: March 26, 2014

Balloon Magic!


Balloon Magic

I love using shiny mylar balloons as visual targets.  They hang in a child’s best visual field for as long as needed to allow the child to location using peripheral vision and turn to look.  I can pick the child’s best color to support looking.  The balloon waves gently all the time giving movement.  I can make sure it hangs at the correct distance for optimal viewing.  I have tried tying the string onto the child’s arm or leg where the child’s own movements create a great visual event.  Kids figure out pretty quickly how to get the balloon to move!  If they struggle, you can provide hand under hand assistance to demonstrate.

Look at that!  One simple balloon addresses the CVI Characteristics of Movement (gentle movement and shiny that looks like movement), Latency (hangs as long as needed), Visual Field (can be placed where the child sees best), Color (chose the one the child finds fastest), Distance (the string can be adjusted to any distance from the child’s eyes), and Visual Motor (the child’s actions cause a visual event: eye hand skills).

Great investment for a few dollars!  One classroom bought a tank to refill because they are so popular.