Day: March 24, 2014

Please wait! I can do it!

Wait time or allowing extra response time is so important for children with CVI. The world can be such a fast moving place that children never have the opportunity to visually locate anything.

The educational team including the parents felt that six year old Amy did not understand her name.  I was able to take a video of Amy to prove that wait time must be allowed so she can hear her name then turn to locate the person calling her. I stood six feet away on her right side and called her name.

It appeared as if this little child was totally unaware of my interaction.

I called again.

It took Amy 32 seconds to turn towards me but she was still looking only using peripheral viewing.  (I want central viewing because this is the only way a child sees details or my face.  Peripheral viewing only gives the child a general shape, movement and color.)

Eight seconds later, Amy was able to look using her central vision! She continued to look at me for 9 more seconds.

I love capturing moments like this to share. A video is clear evidence of Amy’s skills. Now the team including parents, consistently give little Amy the time she needs. Because Amy is building this skill, 8 months later she turns to find people who call her name within 5 seconds at 9+ feet on the left and right!  I even see her following the movement of people in the room.  Fantastic and very exciting!

If wait time is not allowed for children with CVI, they will not build skills and begin to improve vision use.

*Unfortunately, turning when hearing your name is often listed in the cognitive assessments of children. We simply can use this kind of visual response related testing to decide what a child’s cognitive skills are!