Find it yet?

Optical illusion lost cow copy

For those of you still searching your visual brain for recognition of this picture, I will give your brain some clues.

First I will orient it the correct way it appears in the world.   I will tell you to look for the “cow”.  Now you can limit your vision search to what you know about “cowness”. Can you now see the cow looking at you?  There are two dark ears near the top left and a dark nose near the bottom middle of the picture.  Because you know that the eyes are near the ears, you can easily see these.  You have the benefit of visual memory.. You have seen thousands of pictures of cows and real cows too.  Children with CVI can build these skills by exploring real items and then linking what they now know to what is seen.  The hallmark idea:  CVI Improves! With careful assessment of the 10 characteristics, you create strategies and environmental supports to build vision.  We don’t just hope for, we expect improvement!



  1. WOW! Took me awhile but now I see the cow. I explain my son’s CVI as looking at hidden picture puzzles. You might think you know what a “bow” is … or do you. Do I mean the ribbon tied in a girl’s hair or the object you shoot an arrow from? If you don’t know what the object is in your mind how can you “see” it or find it in the field of view? Once your brain knows what it is, repetition helps to “see” it easier each time. But change it to a different background and it’ll take a while to find it again.


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